Questionnaire design

The smartvote Australia questionnaire includes 35 questions on a wide range of policy issues. It has been drafted by an Australian National University team at the School of Politics and International Relations also responsible for the Australian National Study (which has been running a representative sample survey after all federal elections since 1987).

Australian Election Study


In order to match the answers/political positions of users with candidates and parties smartvote Australia applies an algorithm based on the Euclidean distance. Below you will find a detailed description of the matching-algorithm.

Positional matching methodology (PDF)

smartspider and smartmap

In order to calculate the positions of candidates/parties and users on the six axes of the smartspider and within the two-dimensional political space of the smartmap, smartvote Australia applies a common and simple calculation method. Below you will find a detailed description of this method as well as the complete assignment of questions to the axes of the smartspider and the smartmap.